Golf Lessons – Offered by

   PGA Teaching Professional

   Kory Woodland

“My teaching philosophy is simple. I rarely, if ever, try to completely reconstruct a golf swing. This game can be complicated enough. If anything, I choose to help my students understand why we need to hit  the key positions of the golf swing while  maintaining proper fundamentals such as  set-up position, posture, alignment and  balance. I teach my students simple drills  that promote proper swing motion while  maintaining balance and a solid hitting  position at impact.


I also feel that with the assistance of properly fit equipment, a golfer may reach his/her  potential in a fraction of the time it would take if  he/she tried to improve with  ordinary “off the rack” equipment.”

Lesson Rates

  Private lesson – $40 / hr 

Series of 2 – $75 

Series of 4 – $140.00

Group Private Lesson (2-4 students)  

$30.00  / student
       Series of 4  – $100.00 / student

Junior Golf Clinics – $50.00 / student